Melvins - Brass Cupcake

Tireless alt-metal upstream swimmers the Melvins are releasing their 24th studio album, Hold It In, this October — a wildly diverse, heavily crunching project that recalls the freewheeling experimentalism of their mid-Nineties Atlantic Records run. As the Big Business bros (bassist Jared Warren and co-drummer Coady Willis) are sitting this one out, King Buzzo and Dale Crover have teamed up with two members of legendary provoco-punk noisemakers the Butthole Surfers. Joined by Buttholes guitarist Paul Leary and bassist JD Pinkus, the Melvins explores everything from psych-noise, to broken glam, to lots of classic sludge-metal, to a song reminiscent of Neil Young’s polarizing vocoder experiment Trans.

The Melvins/Buttholes love affair has been long and plentiful: The Melvins released a song called “GGIIBBYY” in 1996 (presumably after frontman Gibby Haynes), the Surfers played the Melvins co-curated ATP in 2008, the two bands shared a split 12-inch in 2011, and the Melvs spent their last tour covering the B-Holes’ “Graveyard.” 

Today they releasedHold It In's opening track “Bride of Crankenstein” to iTunes, but we have a stream of “Brass Cupcake,” a track that sounds like the Cars and Devo plugging into Blue Cheer's amp stacks. Hear it  now and pre-order Hold It In this Monday.




Melvins - Cherub

Just to whet your appetite for Hold It In a bit more here’s the Melvins playing an old Butthole Surfers song (from Melvins vs Minneapolis).

Artwork and tracklist for Hold It In!

Bride of Crankenstein You Can Make Me Wait Brass Cupcake Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad Eyes on You Sesame Street Meat Nine Yards The Bunk Up I Get Along (Hollow Moon) Piss Pisstopherson House of Gasoline

Artwork and tracklist for Hold It In!

Bride of Crankenstein 
You Can Make Me Wait 
Brass Cupcake 
Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit 
Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad 
Eyes on You 
Sesame Street Meat 
Nine Yards 
The Bunk Up 
I Get Along (Hollow Moon) 
Piss Pisstopherson 
House of Gasoline


The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne plays Loudwire’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction.

Dale Crover - United Fruit

Dale Crover solo 7”. Joined by Lou Barlow and Kevin Rutmanis.
For that that don’t know - Dale played drums on Lou Barlow’s Goodnight Unknown album, and helps him write the drum parts for the songs he writes for Dinosaur Jr. They both also appeared on the Dumb Numbers album.
Kevin Rutmanis was of course a Melvin from around 1999-2005.

King Buzzo - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)